Sophie Sikaitis
Founder, Pearl Street Swim

Faced with an hour to yourself (perhaps a problem you don’t often have), what do you do with free time?

These days much of my free time is spent on building the business, so if I truly had an ‘hour to myself’ I might tend to the garden, take a long walk down to the beach or superficially – get a much needed manicure!

What is the thing you bought in the last three months that you have most enjoyed?

I’ve gotten into plant-based skincare recently and have bought products from Herbal Face Food and Osea Malibu that I’m loving. A pair of Beatrice Valenzuela sandals for summer as well, they work effortlessly with my Frances Hart linen dress!

What’s the last song you listened to?

I’m back into The National these days (maybe Taylor Swift made me do it?) but, no, I’ve been a longtime fan – a favorite is ‘I Need My Girl’.Did you learn anything new in the last 12 months that has surprised you?

That I do have enough patience and bandwidth to balance an intertwined work and mom life (I do both simultaneously without full day childcare). It’s been a combination of less social media/phone time, more sleep and more exercise ;)

What is a parenting quality you admire in one of your parents, friends of siblings that you’d like to emulate when you become a mother?

Efficiency! Sometimes I can be all over the place, starting 5 tasks in an hour not to complete a single one. My mom comes over about 1x a week for a visit and I’m always amazed how the dishes are done, the laundry is folded, the rooms are tidied and the girls are happily playing alongside her – she just gets right down to business. I’m learning to compartmentalize better and will continue to do so.

2020 has dealt us all with lots of challenges - what was a low moment in 2020 and how did you overcome or face it? 

In the spirit of motherhood, last fall I experienced two early miscarriages. We hadn’t experienced anything like that getting pregnant with our two daughters (2.5 and 4.5) and so I was blissfully ignorant. I have to say, the second time really made me question so much, but also gave me a greater understanding of what women are going through every single day when it comes to infertility. We’re ‘supposed’ to continue on and keep it all up, all while going through these intimately painful experiences. I’m a strong believer in transparency and encourage the normalization of these experiences so that future generations are better supported. I was grateful for family and friends who went above and beyond to make sure our losses were recognized – everyone deserves that, to be seen.

What are you most looking forward to in a post-vaccine world? What bar, restaurant, or place are you most eager to visit?

Visiting England, where I grew up! We had a trip planned in June of 2020 but of course that was cancelled. Previous to that I hadn’t been in two years, so now we’re going on three. I miss my grandpa, brother, niece, aunt, cousins etc. dearly and cannot fathom that we will have gone three years without physically seeing each other. It’s been a reality check not to ‘wait’. Even if life is busy with babies and business there is always a way to make time for what truly matters.

Do you believe in setting personal goals? If so, how do you hold yourself accountable to them?

I believe in this, but would really like to make them more tangible! I’m such a pie in the sky sort of person … all my dreams are up there, floating around like moving targets. They’re certainly a guiding light but I want to make more of an effort to acknowledge them, expand them and create new ones.

How important is community to you, and how do you go about building and nurturing it for your family?

Hugely important! Our family prioritizes being involved in our communities – be it within our family or friends, within our school community, the town etc. I’m definitely a say yes sort of person and seek out opportunities to volunteer, give and gather on both a personal and business level. Over time, as the children get older, we’ll prioritize what’s truly important to us and participate accordingly; I believe in community, but not an overly-programmed life.Shop Sophie's Look: Striped Square Neck Dress