Sally King Benedict

The kids are down, your work is done - how do you spend your “me” time, when you get it?

I read a book!

What is the thing you bought in the last three months that you have most enjoyed? 

True Botanicals Pure Radiance Body Oil - An ongoing forever purchase:) I cannot live without it....pre-pregnancy and now more than ever with this growing belly.

What is the quality you most like in yourself as a mother? 

I am not afraid to be the disciplinarian or the '"softie."

What’s the quality you most like in one or all of your children that they did not inherit from you? 

Saying it like it is - no matter if the truth might hurt a little.

What’s the other career you’d most like to try out, given a second professional life?

A music producer!

Is there anything that quarantine forced you to change that you would like to - or will - maintain post quarantine? 

Finding ways to be social with small groups of friends doing activities that don't always revolve around cocktails and eating!

What are the nicest things your partner does for you, and you for them? 

He is the most chivalrous man I have ever met. He never gives me a hard time for needing extra time to myself. He puts my work needs and mom needs before his own. He is selfless and devoted, and I am the luckiest woman to have him. I always give him his space and time just as he does for me. We are each other's equals with plenty of independence and respect for one another.

How important is routine to you? What parts of your routine are sacrosanct? 

It is important for me to stay flexible with a routine and for those around me to be flexible as well. My days are never the same between balancing work, motherhood and being present in my marriage, so if I can leave some open time, things tend to run smoother. I do stick to a routine of practicing yoga a few times a week as well as working in the studio 5 days a week. Coffee on the porch every morning with my husband and books and back tickles with my son every night are definitely sacrosanct.

What are your professional goals and how do you go about achieving them? 

My professional goals remain the same in keeping genuine to myself and the art I want to make as well as showing support in the arts community and giving back where I can. I also have goals to work with other creatives in many industries and mediums in hopes of learning and expanding our world more and more.

What are the things that make your home personal to you and your family? 

We have collected furnishings, art, and you name it from practically everywhere we have ever been. There is a layered and warm feeling in our home that hopefully feels welcoming and approachable and casual to anyone that comes to visit!

How important is community to you, and how do you go about building and nurturing it for your family? 

Community is very important to me as I truly feel like what goes around comes around. We want to show our son that being kind to your neighbors, supporting local businesses, schools, non-profits, etc. is necessary for everyone to flourish.

What maternity style or clothing item could you not find this time around that you most wish FH would create?

I would love to see a waffle-type knit top and wide-leg pant or a mid-calf sleeveless black knit dress with a built-in bra!

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