Lauren Lowe
Founder, Lauren Elaine Interiors

Faced with an hour to yourself (perhaps a problem you don’t often have), what do you do with free time? 

What a rare treat! I love to read my newest design magazines, grab a coffee table book or arrange some flowers (foraged from outside or a stop at Whole Foods). If the weather is nice, I love to be outside gardening and planting flowers!

What is the thing you bought in the last three months that you have most enjoyed? 

When I accepted that face masks were here to stay, I splurged on a navy Gucci bandana and it has become my favorite accessory.

What’s the last song you listened to?

Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds. 80’s music is a constant for me.Did you learn anything new in the last 12 months that has surprised you? 

The last 12 months have been a continuous lesson in learning to roll with the punches. While I feel that this is a lesson we mamas are constantly getting hit with, the pandemic really forced me to assess what I can be okay with. No childcare? Okay, we can re-learn how to get work done with a toddler around. Can’t go out to dinner anymore? Great, let’s make the most of take-out. Can’t see friends? Fine, let’s try socially-distanced driveway happy hours. I was already trying to adjust to all the unknowns that being a mom throws at you (and I’m pretty sure I complained about it the whole time), but I am surprised now at how calm I am and how quickly I can adapt these days when life throws me something new. It has definitely made me a better mom, so for that reason, I am thankful!

What is a parenting quality you admire in one of your parents, friends of siblings that you’d like to emulate as a mother?

Both of my parents did an amazing job of encouraging my own personality and passions to emerge. My mom always gave me lots of choices, like picking out my own clothes or what we listened to on the radio at a young age, which I think helped me build a sense of self. My dad always encouraged me to follow my passions and dream big. I hope I can do as good of a job at helping my kids to become their own people and to have the confidence to follow their dreams.

2020 has dealt us all with lots of challenges - what was a low moment in 2020 and how did you overcome or face it? 

My husband and my entire staff all got COVID in September, which happened to fall on my birthday. My friends had planned an outdoors party for me that we had to cancel and once we got better, the world was closing back up due to number of cases rising again. Since I am a true extrovert, I was feeling worn out from dealing with constant disappointments and lack of social interaction the pandemic was throwing at us. We had to dig deep as a family to come up with creative ways to have fun. Again, learning to adapt and roll with the punches, we made lists of things we could do for fun. We found places to hike, somewhere to “socially distance” pick out pumpkins, get take-out and have picnics, etc. Looking back, I am grateful for all the time I got to spend with my husband and my son without distraction. There is always a silver-lining!What are you most looking forward to in a post-vaccine world? What bar, restaurant, or place are you most eager to visit?

Traveling! We had plans to visit Harbor Island right before the initial quarantine hit (kid-free!) and we cannot wait to get there! We are also dying to go to eat with friends at Blue Ridge Grill, Hal’s, Pricci, and hopefully a Yacht Rock Revue concert as soon as possible.

Do you believe in setting personal goals? If so, how do you hold yourself accountable to them?

I am a big goal-setter. I love having something to work towards, a purpose. It’s what motivates me and pumps me up. If I don’t get there, I try to give myself grace (as all mama’s should do) and set a new, more attainable goal for myself. This has been a process since becoming a mom 3 years ago, but I am getting better at it every day!

How important is community to you, and how do you go about building and nurturing it for your family?

Community is so important to me and our family. I’ve found that until getting married and having kids, our communities were very much in flux. Friends having kids move away, friends that don’t have kids veer in another direction, job changes affect everyday circles, etc. Now that we have a 3 year-old and are in a neighborhood we love with other young families, we’ve found a church we love (and cannot wait to go back to soon!), and a preschool that I know has a whole untapped community we will dive into very soon.  Both my husband and I are “joiners” and finally feel like we are in a place to dig some roots. Additionally, I’ve found that the community the residential interior design world to be invaluable. I have several friends who are also designers and moms that I have on speed-dial. We all need each other! Being a mom who works and is also a business owner is hard enough alone!Shop Lauren's Look: Drawstring Shirt Dress

Photography by Mary Catherine Brownfield