Dorothy Shain,
Contemporary Artist

Does creativity run in your family? Who was your biggest champion when you decided you were interested in art?

Yes, my mom is who I attribute every ounce of my artistic ability to. From the moment she found out she was pregnant with me 33 years ago, she said she was struck with a wave of creativity. She began painting, crafting and creating. That bug was instantly transferred me upon my arrival in this world.

How did you decide on the right medium(s) for you? Did you consider other mediums?

Painting and drawing were always the two areas that I felt like I entered a different world, a world you call the “creative zone.” I chose to focus on those areas because of a simple gut feeling that it felt right - even from a young age.

Having a strong artistic foundation allows you to explore any and all mediums. I love ceramics. I love textiles. I dream of learning the process of blockprinting.

Do you remember a moment when you feel like you were getting a “big break”? When and what was that moment?

There is this great quote I recently stumbled on by Steve Martin. He said, “I did stand up comedy for 18 years. Ten of those years were spent learning, four of those years were spent refining, and four years were spent in wild success.” It really resonated with me because I feel like we live in an age defined by social media which causes us to see only the highlights, the celebrations and the milestones of one’s life and career.

What we don’t see is the daily grind. The blood sweat and tears that are poured into the journey to get to the highlight. I feel really grateful to have had some great highlights in the past 8 years BUT I don’t like to think I have had a big break yet. I think a big break can also be defined in a way like Steve Martin said - maybe the big break is the hard work & the journey?

You collaborate with some frequency with other artists; is that a source of creative inspiration for you? How do you pick who might be a good?

Collaboration is the best source of inspiration. There is nothing quite like when two creative minds come together and click. When choosing who to work with, I am very cognizant to work with artists or companies that truly inspire me and who have values that align with mine.

How have you decided to create other than in your traditional medium? We see you have started to create some beautiful and engaging content in “The Art Of” and wanted to learn more about your motivation there?

I think creativity really can translate into every aspect of your life - from the way you set a table, from the way you pack a lunch if you are a mom, or from the way you plant flowers in a pot outside your door. Some of these things may be intentional, some may be a language of love, or some may be your spirit unconsciously releasing creativity. That is how “The Art Of” was formed. I wanted to capture those moments - outside of my studio - where art trickles into and improves our everyday lives.

How do you help your clients find homes / determine the right interiors setting for your artwork? Do you have interior designers you work with? Your art can obviously have such a big impact on a room, you want to find the right place for it, and a room that complements it’s, aesthetically speaking.

That is a great question and I have a really simple answer here. If the work speaks to you - causes something inside of you to bubble up - if you can’t stop thinking about it - then THAT is the moment you know you need it. If you follow the formula of buying art based on that, I think you can’t go wrong.

Color is central to your style as an artist; do you use color elsewhere in your life? In fashion, interiors and the like?

100%. Everywhere. My home. My clothing. I would say cooking is where it happens the most. Even if I am making a salad at home - I find myself adding tomatoes for “color.”

What has you excited about motherhood? Anything that scares you?

I am really excited about the motherhood network that seems to have already opened up since starting this journey. I feel like there is this club you join full of gaurdian angels - whether it be friends, neighbors or any mom willing and ready to support you.

I am totally scared of EVERYTHING! Raising a little human…..being responsible for that little human…..LABOR! Postpartum?

What traditions are you excited about introducing to your child or making with your family?

Family dinners with a crazy crew of 12.

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