Cristina Lynch
Founder, Mi Golondrina

Faced with an hour to yourself (perhaps a problem you don’t often have), what do you do with free time?

Time is such a luxury these days and I try to take advantage of it as much as possible. Currently, I love to swim laps at my gym. I’m 7 months pregnant and it feels incredible to get in a pool right now.

What is the thing you bought in the last three months that you have most enjoyed?

I recently purchased Setting The Table by Danny Meyer on my Kindle app and have loved it so far.

What’s the last song you listened to?

We love to play Selena during bath time with my daughter and just listened to Amor Prohibido.

Did you learn anything new in the last 12 months that has surprised you?

I’m not surprised but I am energized by our team and their hard work every day.What is the best parental shortcut you have learned as a mother? Something that makes life easier, more sane, or more fun?  

I feel so fortunate to be friends with a lot of wonderful mothers. One of my good friends does the cutest scavenger hunts for her children. I have no idea how she makes the time for it but the fact that she does and it enjoys it so much is beautiful. My mom is also an inspiring mother to watch and she has loved having a granddaughter. She’s so playful and laid back and I hope to continue raising my daughter in that spirit.

2020 has dealt us all with lots of challenges - what was a low moment in 2020 and how did you overcome or face it? 

Closing all of our in person selling experiences was a really tough moment. We had to close our Dallas store, Houston pop-up and San Antonio pop-up that had just opened. I felt so fortunate to have a strong team and supportive family I could lean on while we transitioned to a fully ecommerce business.

What are you most looking forward to in a post-vaccine world? What bar, restaurant, or place are you most eager to visit?

Fortunately, Dallas has been opening up and we have been able to go to restaurants recently. We live close to a lot of restaurants and it was so hard to see them close for a bit. I’m glad they are open now and we try to go out to eat more often to support them. One of my favorites is Mot Hai Ba. 

Do you believe in setting personal goals? If so, how do you hold yourself accountable to them?

I love setting personal goals. Whether they be for the week, the year or five years from now. I like to write them down and meditate on them.

How important is community to you, and how do you go about building and nurturing it for your family?

Community is paramount. The Mi Golondrina community is especially important to me. It includes our team in Dallas, the artisans we work with in Mexico and our supportive customers. I also love to host dinners with friends and feel so fortunate that my daughter has lots of kids to play with from our friend group.Shop Cristina's Look: Shirred Sleeve Dress