Christina Bryant Herbert
Co-Founder & CEO, St. Frank

We'd love to hear what has you most - and least - excited about becoming a mother?

I’m most excited about meeting our son, loving him, experiencing  the world with a fresh perspective through him, and seeing my husband become a father. I know Thomas is going to be such a great dad and I can’t wait to witness it! As someone who enjoys and swears by 8-9 hours of sleep, I’m most nervous about sleep deprivation! And just generally a little anxious about keeping the kid alive. I may or may not have burst into tears at a recent infant CPR class  – hormones? 

Were you always sure you wanted to be a mother? Why?

I’ve always loved kids and wanted to be a mother, ideally to many children. I think kids are hilarious and I love spending time with them. I’m from a large extended family and enjoy the happy chaos of being surrounded by children. I also love my mom. I think of being a mother and providing the love and support my mom provided me to someone else as a very positive and meaningful thing.

Have you observed anything in other parenting styles that you're sure you want to either emulate or avoid?

As someone who is very Type A and higher strung, I HOPE I can be a laid-back parent and not sweat the small stuff. I hope to be able to be present and effective at work, but also learn to better draw boundaries when I come home so that I can be present and optimize my time with my child.

How did you come to give birth to St. Frank - your first baby? What need were you trying to address?

I started St. Frank to provide a new and unique option in home décor for a consumer like me. I wanted my space to share my story of travel off the beaten path and to reflect my values through authentic products and ethical sourcing. We work with artisans around the world in under-resourced settings who are working in traditional craft methods to product our eclectic line. Every piece is ethically sourced and comes with a history.

How has the business evolved since its inception and what has surprised you the most about its evolution?

When my Co-Founder Steph Peng and I started the business we were just selling framed handmade textiles on our website. Today, we sell a wide range of products – from bedding to tabletop, wallpaper to candles, and more. We still primarily sell online, but we also have two stores (Palm Beach and San Francisco) and have had the opportunity to partner with amazing retailers including Moda Operandi, Goop, and Barneys (RIP). I think the thing that’s surprised and delighted me the most is seeing our team grow with incredibly passionate, talented, and hard-working people who push my vision so much further and to such a better, more beautiful outcome than I could have imagined prior to starting the business. I think becoming a mother will be a good opportunity for me to really let go of more aspects of the business that I still have a heavy hand in and let other members of the team run with them, I’m sure to a better result!What's the hardest part of your job? The most rewarding?

Cash flow is the part of the job that keeps me up at night most frequently over the years. I think the other sometimes stressful aspect is just making sure that every member of the team is both happy and thriving and supported to grow. When both of these aspects are going well, it’s incredibly rewarding. It’s also very rewarding to see our artisan partners – many whom we’ve been working with for 4+ years – growing their businesses significantly as a result of our partnership. Seeing customers enthusiastic for our product and mission never ceases to delight! I will never forget the first time someone told me about St. Frank, not knowing it was my business. I thought I had made it! 

How did you meet your spouse?

My husband and I were set up long distance on a blind date by a mutual friend and my husband’s sister in January of 2020. We are a COVID romance! For our third date, my husband drove 2 days to quarantine with me and my mother, April of 2020; we were engaged by August; and, married by February 2021! We’re expecting our son 2 years after our first date and 11 months after our wedding day. 

What are the things you believe your husband will be best at when it comes to being a parent?

My husband, Thomas, has a gentle nature and he’s extremely loving, affectionate, generous, and patient. He takes people as they are and truly enjoys a wide range of characters. I know that our son will be the recipient of the love and acceptance he shows everyone. He’s very calm and consistent; he creates a safe environment around him. He’s also lighthearted, fun, and goofy – he knows how to play. He is ready to be dad and experience fatherhood, so I know he will truly appreciate the experience. He told me he was ready for kids before we had even said I love you! Ha. Thomas treats me with an incredible amount of respect and he always has my back (I believe I do this to him, too), so I think we will be a united front as parents.

How has being in a design business changed the way you dress and/or shop for women's clothing?

I’ve never been asked this, but it’s a good question! At St. Frank, I developed a very bold, bohemian, eclectic aesthetic. We are known for heavy color and pattern, especially pattern mixing, and a bit of an edge in our look. In evolving the St. Frank look, I did notice my once more traditional wardrobe evolve to a much more boho vibe, embracing patterns and materials I wouldn’t typically wear prior, swapping out black shift dresses for patterned blouses and midi dresses and blazers for leather jackets, for example.Shop Christina's Look: Deco Tiered Dress