Chloe Burch
Co-Founder, Neely & Chloe

Chloe, what part of being a first-time parent has you most excited? What about the most nervous? 

Honestly, I’m just so excited to meet my little boy! Pregnancy is such a crazy experience and it feels longer than I would have thought so I am just ready to meet the little guy! In regards to being nervous, can I say everything? This is obviously our first time being parents so it is all new to us. I know we will figure it out but it will take time!  

The fashion business runs in the family. Who - among your inner circle - has been your greatest source of support and feedback?

Well, I’m sure this goes without saying but Neely for sure! We rely on each other so much and having my sister as my business partner is amazing. We can be completely open and honest with each other - no walking on eggshells! Besides that, we always turn to my parents (who were both in the fashion industry- it’s where they met) for advice, feedback, and inspiration.

We’ve heard you talk about the “founder effect.” Is there a notable female founder – and mother - you admire? Why?

The three Tuckernuck founders— September, Maddy, and Jocelyn! We’ve gotten to know them very well over the past few years and I love how motivated they are as well as family-oriented. They’ve really grown their business while also becoming moms and it really shows you that you can be a super successful working mom!For an accessory and handbag aficionado like yourself, what are some of your must-haves for expecting and/or new mothers?

Our travel tote! I am already obsessed with it and know it will be my go-to during motherhood. We are also launching a diaper bag with a company in March – timely for me! Stay tuned.

You’re due at the end of April – these last few months of pregnancy will be spent in a snowy NYC! What styles have become - or will be - staples of your maternity winter wardrobe?

Oh goodness - that’s hard! Dressing for a changing body is so challenging which is what makes Frances Hart so amazing! I am going to stick with a lot of leggings and sweaters. Cute but comfy!

What favorite childhood memory (i.e. holiday, family vacation) are you most looking forward to recreating with your baby?

Oh my gosh, so many traditions I want to carry on! My family always went out to Montana in the summer and I would love to have a special spot like that for my family. When I think back on being little, I think of Montana and would love my kids to have something similar.How did you meet your husband? What excites you the most about watching him become a father?

We actually met on a dating app - modern love! But my best friend from going up went to college with him so it also kind of feels like we met through friends? Brendan is going to be the most amazing dad. He is so engaged, supportive, and enthusiastic. I can’t wait to watch him become a dad and bring even more joy, love, and excitement to all aspects of our life.

Neely & Chloe has enjoyed several successful brand collaborations. Is there a partnership that felt particularly special to you and if so, why?

It’s really hard to say! But our Julia Berolzheimer collaboration, our first partnership, was an incredibly exciting moment for N&C. It brought us so many new customers and showed us we can do amazing things with our core product. Julia was also incredible to work with. We have a ton of collaborations slated over the next year and I can’t wait to share them with you guys!

How do you expect you'll structure your time between work and being a new parent - in the first six months, and then beyond then?

It’s really hard to say! I luckily am able to work from home which gives me a good amount of flexibility. I also have a co-founder who can help handle things when I’m a little too busy and I know I can do the same for her when the time comes. Work is such a huge part of my life but of course, being a mom will be too! Hopefully, I will be able to strike the perfect balance between the two.Shop Chloe's Look: Smocked Cotton Dress