Cathleen Holloway,
Founder & Lead Designer
Holloway Events


Events are back in full bloom post covid; do you find you’re helping people catch up on celebrations that were missed or overlooked during Covid? 

More than ever! We’ve been locked up for two years and people are ready to celebrate. Our clients at Holloway Events are wanting to throw bigger than ever weddings with gorgeous details. We have the pandemic to both blame and thank for it! Who doesn’t want to plan a gorgeous event with spectacular details. 


From what you can tell, have tastes changed at all when it comes to events as a result of covid?

The tablescape is now more than ever a must for our clients. They see the “art” of it throughout social media. Our clients are honed in on the gorgeous details of their wedding day - not just their overall party. It’s so much fun to collaborate with them on the vision.


Given that photography and video play such a big role at events these days, does it influence the way you plan any of your events or how you think about capturing various moments throughout the day?

It’s about a feeling! We tell our clients this over and over. Photography and videography are what you have along with the memories after your big day. How do you want to remember the day or the event? A blow out party? The most romantic day ever? Joy personified? Once we narrow that down, we explain to our vendor team the “goal” and let them take it from there. We have the best vendors. 


Are events getting more or less casual these days; what kind of new celebrations do you find people want to put on the books these days? 

Less casual! We’ve been in yoga pants and sweats for the last two years! People want to dress up and put on their gowns and tuxedos. Favorite part of an event is our guest's arrival to see what everyone is wearing. It’s like the red carpet for our team!


How do you personally celebrate important moments in your family's life? What do you learn from your event planning skills that you use personally? 

Birthdays and Christmas are big in our home and I start thinking about them about 6 months out each year. I love a theme so it’s fun to watch it all come together. 


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What design details do you think have the biggest impact at celebrations?

Guest experience. Being a good hostess and thinking of your guests never goes unnoticed. This can come in many different forms so have fun with it!


What is one of the most moving things you have witnessed at one of your parties; why, and what made it so meaningful?

There are too many moments to count! As a new mother, I now watch the mothers of our brides zip of their daughter in her wedding gown and sob. I know I’ll have that moment with our girls some day and it’s a look into the future. If I wasn’t a softie before… boy am I one now!



What most excited about when it comes to growing to a family of four? 

We are having our second on my birthday! Best birthday present ever. I’m also so excited that Birdie, my first daughter, is getting a sister. My sisters are my best friends and couldn’t imagine life without them. Now Birdie and sweet “Lady Baby No. 2”  have one another. It warms my heart. 


Is there anything about your second child that scares you? 

They’re going to leave me out! Ha. I think all the normal motherly fears as well. Are they going to be close? How will we keep them safe always? Are we giving them the best lives we possibly can? Truthfully though, the FOMO when they get older is my biggest fear currently, haha!


In a world of overdoing things (where especially moms have pressure to make every event memorable and picture-picture), what would you say are the things to skip, versus the things that really count in the party planning department? Especially as it pertains to celebrations for kids?

Brutal honesty moment? First birthdays. I hemmed and hawed over whether to have one or not for our daughter, Birdie. I felt like a terrible mother for deciding against it, but they are NOT going to remember it… and parties are a lot of work. We’re doing it big for her second birthday! So I suggest giving yourself some grace. Do a cute little cake in their highchair, have a delicious cocktail with your spouse, and congratulate yourselves on a job well done for the year. 


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