Caitlin Kelly
Vice President, Alison Brod PR

The kids are down, the dog has been fed, and your partner’s otherwise engaged - how do you spend your “me” time, when you get it? 

I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant, so that means I elevate legs, put on a facemask, and read a book. Getting horizontal is key.                            

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from a mom that you’ve held on to because it felt resonant? 

”It doesn't get easier, it just gets different." SO TRUE.              

What is the thing you worried lots about when your child was first born that you’d tell other women to lose less sleep over? 

Someone told me ”everything is just a phase” and that is so true. The good, the bad, the neutral – always flowing and changing – just go with it. Somedays they’ll sleep late or nap well, and other days you might not get either. All good – just a phase.                  

What’s the other career you’d most like to try out, given a second professional life? 

A health & wellness blogger. I could spend my entire days testing healthy food, going on crazy detoxes, meditation retreats, insane workouts, and more.         

Where and how did you meet your best friends? How do you stay in touch and support each other?

I'm a real ”girls’ girl” and have a million girlfriends. Some from college, some from work, others I met as an adult, mom friends, and couples' friends. I’m a texter and a hangout-in-person, person. I don't talk on the phone, but it all seems to work.                  

What are the nicest things your partner does for you, and you for them? 

Giving each other alone time. I need time solo to recharge.    

What traditions are you building - or planning to build - for your family? Why do they matter to you?

Sunday family dinners together, always. Also, celebrating every single holiday, even if it’s just us. I grew up celebrating every holiday and I think it’s so festive and fun; my son loves it too. So even for St. Patrick's day or something silly, I'm buying crafts for us and a book. I go WAY BIGGER for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and birthdays. My son is obsessed!   

What are the things in your closet that you know you’ll be using and loving in three years?

My leather jacket, vintage denim, cashmere sweaters, and diamond jewelry – classics.      

What’s the last thing you celebrated? 

My birthday! March 14th - we practiced social distancing and had a little cake with my son and husband at home in pajamas - perfect!        

What has been the hardest part of pregnancy dressing? What product would you like FH to add to our assortment?

I am an internal furnace. SO HOT all the time. I like to wear super tight leather leggings and then a loose shirt, so I wish I could find chic, loose tops that aren’t too hot.

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