Arianne Heath
Founder, Arianne Heath Interiors

What has been the best facet of new motherhood? What has surprised you?  

The overwhelming love that I have for my little baby daughter Schuyler has been the best part so far! She is an absolute dream and I am so in awe of her everyday. I think what has surprised me has been the outpouring of support that I have had from other new moms. I heard the saying that "motherhood is the best sisterhood" and I am really finding that to be true. 

How did you prepare your home for baby’s arrival? How did you personalize the nursery to your taste?

To prepare for Schuyler's arrival, I added some of my favorite things to her room, including a trio of special framed watercolors featuring Nantucket scenes, a Liberty print crib skirt from Land of Belle, and a custom Clarence House cheetah print lumbar pillow that I am hoping will follow her to various rooms throughout her life. Adding some of my favorite things to her room, and hoping that they would one day become her favorite things too made me feel very connected to my baby and my hopes and dreams for her. 

Are there any special places you want to introduce your child to where you expect to build important memories? 

My husband and I met on Nantucket, so we are very excited to take her there next summer! I look forward to seeing the island through her eyes and fostering family traditions. What was the process by which you found your way to interior design? Did you always know this was for you? Is the field everything you hoped it would and could be? 

I landed in interior design when I took a job as a design assistant while I was living full time on Nantucket. I grew up with a love for antiquing and a penchant for rearranging furniture in the middle of the night, so it was not really a surprise to anyone that i landed in this industry! The world of design fulfills so many of my right brain / left brain ambitions as it is very creative, but also first and foremost a business. 

How do you establish whether a client is right for you? Do you ever decline projects? 

Interior design is very personal as you are working in someone's home and learning about their family and how they live. I like to make sure that I have an easy rapport with a potential new client, but also that we are aligned on aesthetic, as well as budget. Working with an interior designer is a relationship that often lasts for several years. I have declined projects in the past in instances when I do not feel that the fit is right for that level of commitment. 

Are there ways for people to work with you for “baby” start projects? I imagine people can get scared…

Yes! I accept projects of all scales. Tackling one room is a great way to familiarize yourself with the process without a larger financial commitment. 

As someone who clearly is encountering beautiful things all day long, do you have a rule of thumb about whether something is worthy of being added to your personal collection or home? 

I always say, if you love it - you will find a place for it in your home. I am drawn to interiors that feel collected rather than decorated, and in my opinion this is achieved when you fill your home with things that speak to you. 

Who are your female mentors or personal heroes, and what do they offer that’s invaluable to you? 

I have a wide network of interior design friends that I hold very dear. Interior design is an ever-changing industry, and I find it so valuable to be able to call upon friends to discuss contracts, clients, and design decisions among many other things. I am also inspired by the talent and business savvy of early American female interior designers such as Elsie de Wolfe and Eleanor McMillen. These women really set the course in so many ways! 

What is the most recent product, service, or business you’ve discovered that is adding value to your life that we should know about?  

Currently, I would have to say the book "Twelve Hours Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old!Shop Arianne's Look: Bow Shoulder Tiered Dress