Alison Kenworthy
Founder & CEO, Homeworthy 

You’re a three-time Emmy Award-winning television producer and co-host of ABC’s travel show, “Out of Office.” What first drew you to the industry?

I’ve always been a naturally curious person and love asking questions so journalism seemed like a good fit when I was picking a major in college. I was a TV producer for more than ten years and spent seven of them at Good Morning America covering a wide range of stories—from breaking news to celebrity interviews. I thrived in a fast paced morning show environment with daily deadlines.

How did your experience in television and entertainment prepare – or propel - you to launch Homeworthy, an online destination that captures the beauty of unique homes (and their owners!) all over the world?

I created Homeworthy to capture the most extraordinary homes and meet the fascinating people who live in them. Being able to tell a compelling story has been instrumental in building Homeworthy. Our team produces video content the same way I approached producing TV segments, and the first question I always ask myself is, “How does the owner’s personality shape a home and what about it is going to hook a viewer into watching?” The idea that every person has a story is something I deeply believe—and I also believe homes have their own stories and histories, so in the year ahead we hope to become the destination for a new generation who are looking for a deeper, more intimate look inside all sorts of homes, not just the mansions of the rich and famous. You’re an expert in creating premium video content! How important is documenting your own personal memories – and especially those of your son’s – to you?

Hugely important! I just wish I was better about organizing my own photos and videos of James. They’re all sitting on my camera roll and I keep telling myself that I’m going to print pictures and make an album…but not shockingly, I can never find the time! 

Have you always been maternal or did the desire to create a family present itself after you met your husband?

I think I’ve always been maternal, in part because I have a sister who is nine years younger than I am and growing up I spent a lot of time with her. I also had an incredibly loving mother who was utterly devoted to raising me and my two siblings. I always hoped I would have kids but it wasn’t until I met my husband Michael that I could envision having a family. How has your outlook on pregnancy and motherhood evolved - or shifted - now that you’ve had your first child?

I wasn’t fully prepared for the radical physical changes my body endured. For me the first three months of pregnancy were much harder than I expected—I was sick, emotional and had low energy. The smell of my husband making eggs one morning pushed me over the edge and I burst into tears! In retrospect, I probably should have been gentler on myself as this incredible transformation was happening to my body. 

What aspects of navigating life with a newborn did you potentially underestimate?

Sleep deprivation. Although, I will say, I think I had a bit of a leg up because nothing prepared me more for motherhood or caring for a newborn than working the overnight shift at Good Morning America. It was the best boot camp I could have asked for!We talk a lot about sharing and receiving good advice between expecting mothers. Conversely, what is some common advice you hear that might be well-intentioned but you believe is actually a disservice to mothers?

Gosh, this is a hard one. There is an overwhelming amount of information constantly being hurled at parents so I try and cut out the noise and parent the way I feel is best for James. I’m conscious of the milestones he should be hitting at certain ages but otherwise, as long as he’s healthy, happy and progressing, we just follow our intuition and wing it in our household!

What are the most frustrating aspects of dressing for pregnancy? What about the most fun?

I was so daunted by the idea of purchasing maternity clothes that I, very embarrassingly, lived in either athleisure or a pair of oversized white overalls.  Truly the most boring outfits of all time. While I was pregnant, the pandemic was still in full effect so I rarely saw anyone which is why I allowed myself to rotate the same three outfits! However, if I have a second child I certainly know where I will be shopping to step up my wardrobe!Shop Alison's Look: Long Sleeve Cardigan Dress