Co-Founder, Toccin and Stylists to a T

The kids are down, your work is done - how do you spend your “me” time, when you get it?

I love playing canasta (now virtual canasta) with a couple of my friends. It is so nice to catch up and have some “me” time while also being able to socialize.

What is the thing you bought in the last three months that you have most enjoyed? 

A Toccin cropped moto in plaid. It has been the perfect layering piece even as my bump has grown.

What is the quality you most like in yourself as a mother?

I am much more flexible now. Becoming a mother two and half years ago made me realize that I need to be able to multitask and let life be more unplanned rather than planned out.

What’s the quality you most like in one or all of your children that they did not inherit from you?

I love how independent my daughter is. She is 2.5 years old and it has really been pretty surreal to watch her (especially during COVID) mature into a little girl.

What’s the other career you’d most like to try out, given a second professional life?

Honestly, my current career is the only thing that I see myself doing.

Is there anything that quarantine forced you to change that you would like to - or will - maintain post quarantine? 

Family time was always so important to me; however, the silver lining to quarantine life has been the incredible amount of family time that we would have never had during “normal” life. I have really mastered how to balance both family and work time and hope to maintain post quarantine especially with a second baby on the way.

What are the nicest things your partner does for you, and you for them? 

He inspires me every day to a T.

How important is routine to you? What parts of your routine are sacrosanct? 

I love a good routine and try to make one for myself every day. Some of the most important parts of my day are trying to get in a workout, spend quality time with my daughter and make sure I am able to get through as much of my to-do list that day as possible.

What are your professional goals and how do you go about achieving them? 

Professionally, I hope to be a successful entrepreneur of our fashion company and continue to make an impact amongst my community. I plan to go about achieving them by learning from other businesses, professionals, and our internal team.

What are the things that make your home personal to you and your family? 

I love pictures, they remind me of such special memories and always add a personal touch to our home.

How important is community to you, and how do you go about building and nurturing it for your family? 

Community is a top priority for me. Over four years ago, my husband and I were able to start an influential platform @alexandmichaeltoccin which has grown into a inspiring virtual community. Both personally and professionally, we are continually looking for ways to give back to our community and we hope to be an inspiration and role model to our little girl (and baby on the way).

What maternity style or clothing item could you not find this time around that you most wish FH would create?

I love fitted knit dresses during this pregnancy, especially as the weather starts to cool down. I am on the hunt for new knit dress that I can wear around the house.

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